Wife, Mom… And Peggy!

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Richard Rodgers Theatre

As a woman named Peggy and a huge fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton the Musical, I was thrilled to share my name with one of his characters. My daughter introduced me to Hamilton when it first began, the summer of 2015, and convinced me to listen to the soundtrack after mentioning Peggy. I was excited to leave my childhood days of being called Miss Piggy for the adventures of Peggy Schuyler only to find out it is “Angelica, Eliza…And Peggy”. Angelica is the independent and charismatic sister, Eliza is the kind and loving sister, but Peggy Schuyler is the afterthought.

The Schuyler sisters, especially Peggy, spoke to me. We all have our roles to play in life: child, parent, sibling, spouse, worker, student, friend, neighbor. It can sometimes be hard to remember who we really are separate from our roles, no matter how much we love them. In that vein, I decided to name my blog “And Peggy” to remember and celebrate that part of myself that stands alone but doesn’t want to be forgotten. And also because, like everyone else out there, I love Hamilton!

My daughter strongly hinted that it would be a perfect high school graduation gift in 2016. I naively thought it would be easy to get tickets. Yeah, right! Fast forward to spring break 2017 and she and I were actually, finally, for real sitting in the Richard Rodgers Theatre to see Hamilton on Broadway!!



While it must have been incredible to see Hamilton with the original cast (I love Leslie Odom, Jr.), the wait did not diminish the experience. The anticipation and excitement of the line of ticket holders waiting to get in the theater was contagious! As I walked to my seat, carrying my brand new Schuyler Sisters t-shirt and my adult beverage in a keepsake cup, I could hardly believe I was there! And when I finally heard the lyrics “my name is Alexander Hamilton” I got goosebumps. Hamilton has all the feels, as they say: love, war, betrayal, death, legacy.

“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story” is my favorite line. After surviving the deaths of my parents, I am left to tell their story but who will tell mine? And what will it be? Oprah always says that everyone has a story. I may not be “young, scrappy, and hungry” but my story is not over yet. Just you wait.


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