Looking for the Light

I am not known for having a green thumb. Many a houseplant has met an early demise in my care. Seriously, I have raised three children but I can’t keep a cactus alive?

But I passed this little shamrock plant at Trader Joe’s and impulsively plopped it on top of my cart. Maybe now that my nest is emptying I am looking for new ways to nurture and I am always willing to buy anything remotely Irish during the month of March. In any case, the cashier placed the shamrock carefully in my bag, making sure it was cushioned by the other groceries.

So, I was dismayed when I got home and took it out of the bag. At Trader Joe’s, it looked full and blooming. At home, my little shamrock looked sad and wilted. Did it not survive a 20 minute drive home? Did I kill it already? I placed in under my kitchen window and gave it a little water.

Lo and behold, the next morning my little plant was open and full again, just as I had originally found it. During the day, it actively turns its tender branches towards the sun and its tiny white flowers blossom. If I turn it around, I’ll come back later and it will have turned to the sun again. At night, it seems to close in on itself a little, as if it needs to rest from the brightness of the day. But I feel it greets me now each morning as I make the coffee. My shamrock is ready to welcome the morning’s light and is open to what the day will bring☘

#happystpatricks #shamrock #irish #emptynest #traderjoes

3 thoughts on “Looking for the Light

  1. Love this, “Seriously, I have raised three children but I can’t keep a cactus alive?” Same here. I kill a new batch of cactus plants every year! I’ve had the most luck with growing a potato plant after reading The Martian by Andy Weir. My daughters think it is creepy, but hey, it’s still green!

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